Zoe Medical Centre

 Malawi Clinic

The New Zoe Medical Centre

Dr Etete has now built a free standing Medical Center Clinic with help from North West Mission.

The Clinic charges a reduced fee for needy Malawians who do not have ready access to Health Services. The Clinic is staffed by a Clinical Officer, a Nurse, an Admin Officer and also employs a Cleaner and Guard.

Dr Etete works at Zoe Medical Centre every evening up to 8pm. This follows his normal working day at Partners in Hope Hospital. He also organizes regular Outreach Clinics in rural areas near Lilongwe and at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Dzaleka is a community of 15,000 people who have fled conflict zones in central and northern Africa.

Plans to Expand

Dr Etete has an intention to work full time at Zoe Medical Centre and provide more regular Outreach Clinics to serve the local rural population.

To do this he will need to relinquish his paid position at Partners in Hope. He knows that Zoe Medical Centre can then move towards self sustainability.

"I really want to develop Zoe and also all the Staff with your support."

"Zoe Medical Centre was born to bring assistance to the needy Malawians who cannot afford high quality health services."

"My aim is to reach out to those who cannot afford to come to hospital – assist them and give them better care."

How You Can Help?

The aim is to provide long term support to Dr Etete and the Zoe Medical Centre in their aspiration to provide better healthcare for the Malawian population.

Zoe Medical